Your Brief Guide to the Different Durian Varieties in Singapore

Jul 13 2020

The durian season is upon us!


What better way to celebrate the season than getting durians delivered to your doorstep? But, did you know that before we used to enjoy a wide range of durian cultivars, durians used to be just durians? It wasn’t until the late 2000s when we were introduced to the D24, which heralded the age of durian varieties.


The D24 durians dominated the scene for a while before it was dethroned by the Mao Shan Wang (MSW), a bittersweet fruit known for its vibrant, creamy rich flesh. You may be only familiar with these breeds but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Whether you like your durian bitter or sweet, here’s the different types of durians you can find in Singapore this season.



Overview of the Different Types of Durian 
Type  Other Terms   Taste 
Mao Shan Wang (MSW)  Musang King Bitter, creamy
D24  Sultan  Bittersweet, creamy 
Golden Phoenix Jin Feng  Bitter
XO  Intensely bitter 
Red Prawn  Hong Xia, Ang Hei, Udang Merah  Sweet 
Green Bamboo  Qing Zhu Sweet, buttery 
Black Thorn  Intensely bitter 
Black Pearl  Hi Zhen Zhu  Slightly bitter, creamy 



9 Types of Durian in Singapore


Mao Shan Wang (MSW) – MSW literally translates into Cat Mountain King and is the most in-demand durian variety in Singapore today. It is mostly used in delicacies like ice cream, cream puffs thanks to its bittersweet and rich, custardy texture. 


D24 – Like the MSW, D24 is also a famous durian variety in Singapore. It strikes a good balance between bitter and sweet flavours, with hints of alcoholic notes. It’s commonly available in durian delivery services in Singapore.


Golden Phoenix – This variety has a pale yellow, watery texture that you can mistake for being rotten. This is recommended for people who prefer their durian bitter because of its sharp and bitter taste.


XO – XO is another durian for those who prefer their fruits intense and bitter. It has a pale, slightly watery flesh and an alcoholic aftertaste that is a result of the breed being cultivated through an extended period of fermentation inside its shell.


Red Prawn – This durian variety stands out from the rest with its vibrant orange flesh that is creamier and stickier than most durians. Its taste depends on the age of its tree with younger ones yielding sweeter fruit and the more mature ones producing more bitter fruit.


Black Pearl – As the name suggests, this variant is characterised by its small, black, pearl-like seeds and small exterior husk. It has a subtly bitter and milky taste that doesn’t come off as overwhelming.


Green Bamboo – A sweet durian, this breed is famed for its buttery and fibrous flesh, and consistent quality and soft texture. This breed is quite rare as it is not widely grown.


Black Thorn –  Grown mostly in Penang, Malaysia, this durian got its name because of its darker tips. It has flesh that is very deep and rich yellow and tastes quite sweet and custardy.


Black Gold – Last but not least, Black Gold is a premium class of MSW that comes with greater possibilities of black gold veinsan indication that the fruit is from a mature tree that is capable of producing fruits with the highest level of bitterness.


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