What’s in a Name? Mao Shan Wang, King of Durians

Jan 04 2021

The King of Durian Moh Shan Wang


The Mao Shan Wang (MSW), also known as the Musang King, is the most popular and well-loved durian in Singapore and in other parts of the world! With so many drooling over the creamy bittersweet king of durians, its prices have skyrocketed dramatically over the years – in Malaysia, the price of MSW has increased by over 200% and in China, prices have increased over 400%. Truly, as its name implies, the Mao Shan Wang takes its throne, triumphant over all other durians – so, is that how the king of durians got its name?


How the king of durians was named

The name Mao Shan Wang, or 猫山王 in Chinese, literally translates to Cat Mountain King. Curiously, the MSW has its name not because the civet cat best enjoys this variety of durian, but because the origins of the Mao Shan Wang variety came from a mountain on which lived many civet cats – a cat mountain! In Kelantan, Malaysia, this mountain where the MSW originated is called Gua Musang – in Malay, Gua Musang translates to fox cave, but is actually home to many civet cats.


Gua Musang


This is how the Mao Shan Wang durian got the first part of its name. As for the Wang (王) or King, we can only guess that the durian had already been deemed the king of all durians – the best of them all!


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Why Mao Shan Wang is king

Mao Shan Wang durians stay true to their name because they are the creamiest, richest, most buttery, bittersweet durians compared to all other durian varieties. MSW has tender, fleshy durian seeds that melt into a paradise of strong, rich flavour when you take a bite into their soft flesh. This durian is known for its most fragrant taste and creamiest texture!


The Mao Shan Wang remains unbeaten by other durians, even the D24 variety which is also popular in Singapore and around Asia, but carries a mellower, lighter taste, and does not pack as strong a punch. The XO durian variety is more bitter than it is sweet, and its pale yellow flesh is more watery when bitten into than it is creamy. There are also many other durian varieties like the Black Pearl (Hei Zhen Zhu), Red Prawn (Hong Xia) and, Black Thorn, and Black Gold durian – but nothing triumphs like the Mao Shan Wang. MSW balances just the right profile of bitterness and sweetness, which is why Asia is so passionate about this heavenly variety.


Why Moh Shan Wang is a King


If the fruit on its own is not enough for you, you can also find Mao Shan Wang desserts around this durian-obsessed island, like burnt cheesecake, mochi, puree on top of gula melaka kueh salat desserts, lava croissant, soft serve and so many more. You are entitled to go wild with MSW durian in Singapore!


Altogether, Mao Shan Wang, the durian that came from the mountains with civet cats, is the victorious king of the king of fruits. If you are craving a delicious treat of fresh and tender MSW durian, why not have them delivered directly to you? Order creamy MSW at our online store and get free delivery when you get three boxes or more. Enjoy!