True or False? The Best and Worst Ways to Eat Durian in Singapore

Mar 04 2021

Durian With Alcohol


The first bite into rich, creamy durian flesh, it’s hard not to prepare a gigantic feast to indulge in the best fruit in Singapore. With the temptation to freely feast on this aromatic fruit, remember that there are some foods that durians don’t pair well with, delightfully interesting combinations that will make you salivate with anticipation, and a limit to how much durian you can eat. To help you relish most scrumptiously in your favourite durians, we take on these myths of the best and worst ways to eat durian in Singapore!


1. “Alcohol and durian should never go together.”

It’s a well-known saying that you should never drink alcohol when eating durian, but is this really true? Well, partially. Unlike what the myths say about the alcohol-durian pairing being fatal to your body, there is no conclusive evidence that this is a lethal combination. Still, durian does affect some people’s ability to process alcohol, causing bloating or heartburn – which is why some people feel uncomfortable when taking both foods together.

Alcohol Drinks


The sulphur compounds in durian (what causes durian to smell) are what affects the body’s ability to break down alcohol. One study found that high sulphur levels inhibited alcohol metabolism, which caused vomiting and heart palpitations. This was found only in a single study, but it may explain the beginning of the widely-obeyed myth not to mix durian and alcohol together.


There’s also a theory that durian contains substances that might reduce the liver’s ability to break down alcohol – minus points for the durian-alcohol combination then!


2. “Eat mangosteens with durians to reduce heatiness.”

Durian With Mangosteen


It’s popular wisdom that eating mangosteen, a ‘cooling’ fruit, with durian reduces the ‘heatiness’ associated with durians. Durians are indeed heaty fruits that can cause your body temperature to rise and even your body to begin sweating. While there isn’t any scientific proof that mangosteens reduce heatiness from durians, there’s no harm in eating mangosteens with durians. Mangosteens are high in Vitamin C that provides your body with easily absorbed antioxidants to fight inflammation.


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3. “I can take antihistamines before eating durian to neutralise my durian allergy.”

This one sounds strange, but durian enthusiasts that have developed a durian allergy overtime may be tempted to take antihistamines in order to continue indulging in their favourite fruit! While we salute your passion for durians, medical experts advise against this, as you don’t know how your body will react to even the smallest bite of durian. You might experience mild symptoms like itching in the mouth, or severe symptoms like swelling of your lips, face, tongue and throat that can be life-threatening.


4. “Don’t eat too much durian as durians are high in cholesterol.”

Durians in Singapore


You would think that this rich and creamy fruit is super high in cholesterol, but this is actually far from the truth. Durians contain zero cholesterol! Durians are in fact a heart-healthy food, containing monounsaturated fats that can help to lower a person’s bad cholesterol. Don’t be too quick to celebrate – like anything else, you should take durian in moderation, about 2 – 3 seeds a day.


Best ways to enjoy durian

Best Ways To Enjoy Durian


Apart from these good and bad durian-food combinations, there are many unique ways to enjoy durian in Singapore. Durian smoothies are a refreshing blend of durian flesh, milk and ice, a great way to enjoy this powerful fruit on hot afternoons. Durian sticky rice, ice-desserts, and ice cream are also other well-liked delights that you can get your hands on for a quick durian treat anytime in the day. For those craving a fatty, savoury durian snack, you can even try durian fried rice, steamboat, and fritters that can be found in our durian-obsessed country.


Altogether, the indulgent taste of the best durians in Singapore can make you want to eat more and pair them with every other food or drink that you love – and that’s mostly okay. Just remember to enjoy in moderation and be aware of your body’s unique needs!


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