Crazy Durian Scams to Avoid in Singapore

Mar 12 2021

Durian Singapore


Singapore might rank as one of the safest cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean it is free from scams! Durian scams are (unfortunately) very familiar to the country’s durian-loving population. Enticed by the false, but persuasive, promises of unreliable durian sellers, many durian-lovers have lugged back their thorny durians home only to bite into a lesser-quality durian.


For an anticipating durian-lover, nothing can be more disappointing than the unrewarding taste of bad durian flesh. To help you make all your durian purchases worth your money, we tell you how you can avoid crazy durian scams!


1. Know your durian varieties

Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian is the most popular variety in Singapore, loved for its creamy flesh and fragrant bittersweet flavour. This means that MSW also tops other varieties in terms of price, costing about $40 – $50 per 500g of flesh compared to other durian varieties that can be bought at about $20 – $30 per 500g. Similarly, other coveted, gold-standard varieties like D-24 and Black Thorn are also sold at high prices for their rich durian flesh.


It is a common scam for durian sellers to lie about the variety of durian being sold to their customers. A lesser Red Prawn variety, for example, might be advertised to customers as a Mao Shan Wang durian – and inexperienced eyes will likely be oblivious to that lie until they taste the difference, but all too late.


Mao Shan Wang Durian


In order to avoid this scam, find out the defining characteristics of the variety that you’re getting. You can identify a Mao Shan Wang durian by its pyramid-shaped thorns and bald star-shaped base. Once you know what to look out for, you’ll have a higher chance of avoiding a scam like this one!


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2. Be clear on the prices

Fraudulent durian sellers might claim that their durians are the cheapest or at the best price, without revealing the exact price. Once you agree to buy and the durian seller requests payment, you might get a shock at how much you’re being charged. That’s why it’s best that you first agree on a price before you inspect the durian or have the seller open it.


Online Durian Delivery


With online durian delivery, it’s much easier to check the exact prices of the durians while you make your purchase. An online store will transparently state the prices of each variety of durian, making it convenient to compare prices with other stores as well – to get the best prices for your favourite fruit.


3. Beware of artificial ripening

If durians have been harvested from the tree before they are ripe, an untrustworthy durian seller might use a yellow powder or liquid to artificially ripen the fruit. Durians that are ripened this way lose their fragrance and taste slightly odd.


If you’re at the store, just make sure not to buy durian that has yellow powder or liquid on it. Online durian stores depend heavily on the reviews of their customers to gain credibility, so they are less likely to pull a stunt like this. Still, check how other customers review the taste of the durians from online stores, to make sure that you’re getting the best quality flesh that you’re paying for.


Altogether, whether online or offline, the best thing you can do is to buy your favourite durian from a trustworthy durian seller. Ask your friends or family for recommendations or check online reviews to know just what to expect. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the creamiest, richest durians in Singapore!


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