COVID-19 has changed the way we eat even durians in Singapore

Jan 01 2021

Order Durian Online during Covid


The restrictions put in place during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker has drastically changed Singaporean’s lifestyle and buying habits – and has created what many have termed as a ‘new normal’. This new normal is an especially accurate term to describe our buying habits, because the shift to online shopping will continue even long after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, as experts say. Packet milo, bubble tea and even Singaporean’s all-time favourite durians have become items most popular with online shoppers. We discover Singaporean’s favourite online items and tell you why online durian delivery is here to stay!


Singapore’s favourite online items

The new ‘normal’ has become so part of our lives that we may have forgotten what the adjustment it took from life before pandemic to life after. Just a few months ago, people were strutting around the malls, moving to and from offices and around schools. All this came to a sudden halt when the pandemic arose and Circuit Breaker measures were put in place.  Everyone was confined to their homes, not allowed to go out except to perform necessary chores like buying groceries at the supermarket or food from nearby hawker centres. Ordered to close were Singaporeans’ favourite bubble tea shops, and many other food places like dessert shops, durian stalls, and cafes also ceased in-stall operations.


Durian Favorite Online Item in Singapore


Still, the country’s well-loved pastime, (need we say?) shopping, found itself gaining momentum in another medium: online. Singaporeans began using online platforms and delivery services like RedMart and Grabfood to buy both essential and non-essential items. Hopping online, people are buying groceries like flour, eggs, and rice. Online searches for snacks and drinks like milo, mala peanuts and seaweed also increased dramatically, and one of the biggest Google search spikes for bubble tea came after shops stopped physical operations. Apart from food, Singaporeans are also looking online for exercise items like dumbbells and yoga mats, home office setups like monitors and computer keyboards, and entertainment devices like Nintendo Switch.


Best enjoy delivered durian

Of course, durian lovers and durian sellers in Singapore are not left behind! For the first time, a  large number of durian shops moved from the traditional roadside stores, cardboard signs, plastic red stools, shouting promotions to selling their fragrant durians through their websites. Many fragrant boxes of favourite Mao Shan Wang (MSW) and D24 durian varieties are now packed and delivered straight to Singaporeans’ doorsteps. Some durian places are also allowing customers to do self-collection so, after making an order online, customers come down to the shop to inspect and pick up their durians on their own.


Enjoy Durian Delivery in Singapore


Trusted durian sellers have warned customers about the dangers of online durian scammers – sellers who are seen to sell a certain variety of durian online, like the more expensive Mao Shan Wang durian, and yet deliver a much cheaper variety instead. Tricking inexperienced customers may be easier because durians delivered come in packets instead of in tell-tale durian shells – so the best choice you can make is to buy from a durian seller that you can trust. A good way of finding out whether a durian seller is reliable is to ask family and friends for recommendations or read other customer’s reviews before making a purchase. 


Make your money’s worth on delivered durians by buying more – but what you can finish. Some durian sellers offer free delivery when you order above a certain number of boxes or price. Durian Factory will deliver their creamy Mao Shan Wang durians to you for free when you order three or more boxes from their website. With that said, the best way to keep your durians for later consumption is to store them in an airtight container in the fridge, and eat them fresh within two days!


If you have yet to discover these fresh and delicious durian treats right at your fingertips, it’s time to get online and order your favourite Mao Shan Wang durians today!