Best Durians in Singapore: Top 5 Singapore Favourites

Feb 05 2021

Favourite Durian in Singapore


More than just a fruit, durian is a passion for spirited durian-lovers in Singapore! Perhaps comparable to how Inuits (Eskimos) have a comprehensive list of vocabulary for ice and snow, Singaporeans are familiar with the many distinct types of durians off the back of their hands. Out of the generous array of durian varieties, here are the top 5 of Singapore’s best!


1. Mao Shan Wang

Mao Shan Wang Delicious Durian in Singapore


Ah, who can compete with the king of the King of Fruits? The Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian, also known as Musang King, is the most mouthwatering, sought after for its melt-in-your-mouth, bittersweet flesh. With less fibre present within its bright yellow flesh, the texture of MSW is rich and buttery – a cream-like texture so coveted by many. If you love the luxurious balance of bitter and sweet, you are sure to fall for the triumphant Mao Shan Wang durian in Singapore.


So desired by many, this durian is also one of the most expensive varieties. Pro tip: You can save on delivery costs instead – buying Mao Shan Wang durian online from certain durian sellers allows you to get MSW sent to your home for free if you order above a certain amount. While it’s hard to avoid the costly MSW prices, it’s possible to save on delivery!


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2. D24

D24 Best Durian in Singapore


Coming hot on the heels of the Mao Shan Wang durian is the D24 variety, also greatly relished by Singapore’s taste buds. D24 durians taste less distinct compared to the MSW durian – so they fare better with those who are new to the unique flavours of this fruit. Should you be trying durians for the first time, D24 durians are a good variety to start with. Don’t let the paleness of the durian’s flesh turn you away… these light-coloured seeds possess an inviting taste profile well-loved by Singaporeans!


3. XO


Definitely not for the faint-hearted, the XO has a powerful strain of alcoholic flavour running through the regular bittersweet taste of any durian. More bitter than sweet, this variety is better appreciated by seasoned durian enthusiasts and alcohol lovers than for those new to durian. XO durians are a sub-variety of the D24 variety and are therefore known as XO D24 too!


4. Black Thorn

Keep a lookout for the Black Thorn variety for its luxurious creamy flesh – whispered to be comparable to the Mao Shan Wang! Uniquely, the taste of Black Thorn durians are highly dependent on the age of the tree; younger trees produce sweeter and fruitier tasting flesh, while older trees produce a more mature, bittersweet flavour. It’s up to you which you prefer, but experienced durian-eaters in Singapore definitely go for the old tree Black Thorn durians!


5. Hong Xia/ Red Prawn

Hong Xia Red Prawn Durian in Singapore


Hong Xia (红虾) in Chinese directly translates to Red Prawn in English, named because of the gently curving shape of the seeds and the orangish pinkish hue of the durian’s flesh – reminiscent of Penang’s large red prawns. Accompanying the pleasant colour of the durian’s flesh is its sweet and pleasant flavour; milder and not so overpowering, this variety is perfect for beginners. Should you have tried durian before and marked the fruit as unfit for consumption – give the fruit a redeeming chance with the delightful Hong Xia durian!


If you are new to the durian scene, you can start off your durian journey with a bang, with the richest, most delectable Mao Shan Wang durian, or ease yourself in with the Hong Xia, D24 or young Black Thorn varieties. Us? We’re with the seasoned durian lovers and will definitely be heading straight for the Mao Shan Wang for an indulgent durian feast.


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