10 Unique Ways To Eat Durian In Singapore

Jul 29 2020

It is that time of the year again: pungent smells, prickly exteriors that hurt to touch but oh-so-creamy textures that literally melt in your mouth and uncles enticing you with “very cheap prices.”  Yes, it is finally time for the King of The Fruits, durian! No matter your feelings about the fruit, it definitely leaves a huge impression on everyone. Lovers of this unique Southeast Asian snack just can’t wait for the durian season to come by in Singapore so that they can sink their teeth into the freshest ones.



While the conventional way to enjoy a durian is to eat it raw with your fingers, there are also many other ways to eat the King of The Fruits that will enhance the flavour and rekindle your love for the fruit. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, we have come up with 10 unique ways that will definitely enhance your durian eating experience. With durian delivery becoming ever more popular, you can be sure to have an endless supply (depending on your budget!) of fresh durian to try out every method without leaving the comfort of your home.



1. Smoothie


Health buffs rejoice! Durian is actually considered a superfood owing to its highly nutrient-dense content that is said to improve muscle strength and lower blood pressure.  Reap all of that iron, Vitamin C, and potassium in a sweet blend of durian flesh, milk, and ice.



2. Fried Rice


With the fast-paced lifestyle of Singaporeans, dishes like fried rice are popular owing to its quick cooking time. As the ingredient list is simple and easily customizable, why not elevate the fried rice experience by cooking it together with durian? The creamy flesh will be a rich addition to the texture of rice and its sweet and bitter taste will add that extra ‘umami’ flavour! Vegetarians will especially like this dish because the fattiness of the durian flesh can be a delicious substitute for meat. Tip: Mao Shan Wang is said to be the best durian for this dish.



3. Steamboat


The only thing Singaporeans probably love more than durian is steamboat. The next time you organise a steamboat, get the best of both worlds by adding chunks of durian flesh to the soup. The fattiness of the durian flesh will bring out the richness of the broth and add a unique flavour to your ingredients. If you are not too keen on lugging a bag of prickly durian after ingredient shopping, you can easily order durian online and get it delivered to your doorstep! Alternatively, Charcoal Thai offers a Durian Steamboat if you want to try one done by experienced chefs.



4. Ice cream


Durian season often happens during the hottest months of the year for Singapore and with durian being a ‘heaty’ food, you might find yourself sweating while eating it. One way that you can reduce the ‘heatiness’ of durian is by turning it into ice cream. Just stick a few ice cream sticks into the flesh, pop them into the freezer, and wait for up to 6 hours to let it freeze completely. The result is a cool and extra sweet ice cream that also has the added benefit of removing the infamous odour of the fruit – perfect for those who are turned off by that.



5. Barbeque


Barbeques are a quintessential feature of many a class gathering. What better way to make it interesting then by introducing durian into the mix? Yes, we mean by cooking it on the charcoal grill! Cook it while it is still in the husk, turning it over and until it is completely blackened. During the process, the husk will split open on its own and you can continue cooking it for another 5 to 10 minutes. Far from tasting weird, grilled durian actually elevates the sweetness of the fruit as it removes much of the moisture and creates a wonderfully crispy texture. Be sure to get your entire class to chip in, as durian prices are often cheaper when you buy a few together.



6. Sticky Rice


Most people are familiar with mango sticky rice – the classic way to end a Thai meal. What they don’t know is that durian sticky rice is even more beloved and popular in Thailand (and Laos)! The best part is that this dish can be easily recreated at home with just 4 ingredients. Soak the glutinous rice with coconut milk for 1 hour in one bowl. In another bowl, mash the durian flesh with sugar (to taste) until they are completely mixed. After that, just top the durian on the sticky rice and you’d have a unique dessert that will wow anyone!



7. Coffee


Mix durian with your coffee for a drink that is both creamy and dairy-free! As the taste of the durian may not be as rich, this option is a great starter for those who are new to trying durian and may be put off by its “jelak” taste. Since eating these 2 rich foods together may cause indigestion, add durian to coffee in a ratio of 1:4. Better yet, Gold Choice has a durian-flavoured coffee for those who want it instant!



8. Toast


Have you ever ordered too much durian before? Save some for the next morning and boil some durian flesh with a splash of milk to form a durian puree that can act as a delicious spread for your toast! As durian is high in carbohydrates and potassium, durian toast is a great pick-me-up for the days when you did not get enough sleep and need a bit more energy. You wouldn’t even need caffeine after you’ve had this simple dish.



9. Fritters


Deep fry some durian with flour and coconut milk for a truly decadent treat! In this aspect, the durian’s wonderfully creamy texture lends itself to deep-fried perfection. Pair the fritters together with a citrus drink and you got yourself a delicious midday snack. Tip: order frozen durian instead so that it will be easier to roll the flour and dough around the flesh!



10. Pizza


Adventurous food-eaters, this one is for you! If you are tired of the same few toppings, give durian a try. Add it together with cheese for a local twist to the four-cheese pizza. If you do not have an oven, fret not. Head on over to Mao Shan Wang Cafe for its durian pizza. It will be a unique experience that you will not forget anytime soon.


If you come to the end of the article, congratulations! You love durian so much that you are willing to experiment with new ways of eating it. Even though durian has a reputation for being pricey, with so many durian delivery websites, it will be easy enough to compare the prices and find the best one. As always, remember to eat the fruit in moderation and take your time to fully savour its rich taste.